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Childhood sex abuse is a prevalent and persistent problem in our society. Studies by the CDC and the Department of Justice reveal that one out of four girls and one out of six boys will experience some form of childhood sex abuse, unwanted sexual attention, harassment, or stalking by the time they reach the age of 18. There have been few child sex abuse studies related directly to daycare center sex abuse, but experts concur: your child is at risk of being abused by adults or even other adolescent children at any age. If your child or someone else’s has experienced sexual abuse in a daycare center, get in touch with our experienced daycare sexual abuse lawyer for a free and confidential consultation.

While children are far more likely to be victimized by a predator in a private setting—such as the home—sexual abuse at daycare does sometimes occur. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just adults who perpetrate sex crimes against daycare children. Other children are just as capable of abusing their fellows.

Sexual Abuse at Daycare

It’s a common assumption that sexual molestation happens when the victim and the perpetrator are all alone, but that’s not the case. Sexual abuse may even take place when there are other children or even daycare supervisors nearby.

Predators often practice grooming behavior to assure their victims’ compliance. A pedophile must first earn the child’s trust, so they pay special attention to him or her, giving compliments, praise, or treats. They may also act as a confidant, fooling the victim into thinking the molester is a trustworthy and empathetic person. In this way, the pedophile isolates the victim from others. At the same time, a predator might attempt to guilt the child into thinking that they are somehow an accomplice to the crime, and that they dare not confess or they will face disciplinary consequences. A victim may be terrified of revealing the truth out of guilt, shame, or fear.

In California, the Child Care Licensing Program was created to certify and supervise California daycare and child care centers. The CCLP’s stated mission is to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of adolescents who are placed in daycare on a regular basis. The CCLP is legally required to prevent abuse from taking place, protect children from child care sexual abuse, and ensure that children are receiving the highest standard of care. It accomplishes this directive by ensuring that Californian child care facilities are licensed and meet all pertinent safety and health codes. The CCLP also provides technical assistance, inspects and monitors child care facilities, and liaises with the child care community as a whole via its 13 state offices. For questions about licensing, you may contact the local office or the Child Care Advocate Program. Our child care sexual abuse lawyers are experienced in these emotionally charged and difficult cases of abuse.

Recognizing the Signs of Childhood Sex Abuse

It’s important to be vigilant for the warning signs of child sex abuse in your child. They are difficult to spot, but with training and forewarning, you may be able to see the red flags. The tricky thing is that there is no “typical” case of child molestation, and no “typical” predators. Each case is unique, each predator has a personal approach to molestation, and each child is affected by their ordeal differently. There is hardly ever a behavioral “smoking gun” to let you know immediately that your child has been molested. If you suspect your child has been molested at daycare, the daycare sexual abuse attorneys of Estey & Bomberger can help hold the responsible parties accountable, bringing healing to victims and preventing future abuse.

The following is a list of suspicious behaviors to be alert for in your child. If you suspect that your child may have been sexually abused, he or she may:

  • Have difficulty sleeping
  • Experience nightmares or night terrors
  • Demonstrate unpredictable or drastic mood swings
  • Undergo changes in personality (becoming withdrawn, fearful, or angry for no apparent reason)
  • Become unusually knowledgeable about sex and parts of the body
  • Discuss a new “older friend”
  • Become secretive or guarded in discussing their day
  • Act in a precocious, seductive, or adult manner

It’s important to be aware that, if your child demonstrates the above symptoms, sex abuse is not the only possible cause. Puberty, depression, psychological disorders, and other factors may influence your child behavior in similar ways. Trust your gut. If you believe your child is being sexually abused, report it to the authorities immediately.

Estey Bomberger: Daycare Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Don’t stay silent if you believe that your child or someone else’s has been a victim of daycare center sex abuse. Children rarely lie about being molested, and molestation causes untold psychological and emotional harm to minors. Take steps to secure your child’s rights as a victim and seek justice against those who harmed him or her. Contact the daycare molestation attorneys at Estey Bomberger for a confidential consultation, free of charge. Call (619) 873-4498 today.

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