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Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Child sexual abuse is something no parent wants to imagine. Abuse in a space that’s supposed to be safe and formative for your child is especially difficult to contemplate. Sadly, it is a tragedy that occurs every year in the Boy Scouts. If your child is a victim of sexual abuse, you need aggressive attorneys. You need Estey & Bomberger.

Boy Scouts leaders are entrusted to care for children and keep them safe while teaching them valuable life lessons and building camaraderie. When a scoutmaster betrays the trust of a child and their family, they should be held accountable as well as the organization that put your child in harms way. At Estey & Bomberger, our Boy Scouts sexual abuse lawyers have the experience and skills necessary to take on this large scale institution and fight for the rights of your child.

History of Molestation in the Boy Scouts

There is a current lawsuit in Santa Barbara, California that sheds light on documented child sexual abuse within the Boy Scouts. The plaintiff’s attorney won the right to use more than 30 years of files the Boy Scouts have kept on “perversions” – including 16 years of never-before-seen documents. The files document over 5,000 child sex abusers, with most cases “taken care of” by Boy Scouts administrators instead of going to the police. In these instances, perpetrators went on probation and could then return to duty in the Boy Scouts.

The recent Santa Barbara lawsuit is just one of many such lawsuits against the Scouts for years of child sexual abuse. One case in 2010 (Lewis v. Boys Scouts of America et al) ended in the largest punitive damages award given to one plaintiff in a child abuse case in America – $18.5 million. The courts punished the Scouts for failing to report child sex abuse when the perpetrator admitted it to a Scouts coordinator. The plaintiff’s sexual abuse occurred in the following two years. Many other convictions and negligence cases have also gone on record.

“It was easy,” says Rick Turley, suspected of Boy Scouts sexual abuse (15 boys, most of whom were American or Canadian Boy Scouts, over a period of several decades).

boyscoutsTurley is one of 5,000 suspected child molesters named in the Boy Scouts of America’s so-called “perversion files,” a blacklist of former scout leaders suspected or convicted of child molestation in Boy Scouts. The files reveal that the BSA has often taken steps to cover up its scoutmasters’ sex abuses, preferring to handle the problem on its own rather than contact law enforcement. Furthermore, the Boy Scouts of America is also fond of playing “legal hardball” with victims and their families who attempt to pursue justice.

Estey & Bomberger represents victims of Boy Scouts sexual abuse, no matter who the perpetrators are. It’s our job to secure a fair amount of compensation for the emotional and physical harm your child and your family has suffered. We have the resources and knowledge necessary to take a child molestation case to trial and win.

Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse in Boy Scouts

The current negligence lawsuit states that the Boy Scouts failed to educate and warn parents about the risk of sex abuse in the program. Knowing the warning signs of child sexual abuse can help you become a parent who is in the know. It may enable you to detect abuse early and put an end to the trauma as soon as possible. Here are a few red flags for sexual abuse in Boy Scouts:

  • Unexplained sleep problems and/or nightmares
  • Sudden loss of appetite or refusal to eat
  • Distracted or distant behaviors
  • Sudden mood swings, including aggression or fear
  • New or unusual fear of certain people or places
  • Drawing or writing about sex at an early age
  • Sudden and unexplained appearance of toys or money
  • Negative self-image or low self-confidence
  • Adult-like sexual knowledge or behaviors

Abused children may also speak in clues instead of talking about the situation outright. Be alert for odd topics of conversation or other clues your child may drop, and take the opportunity to dig deeper into the topic. The appearance of one or two signs does not necessarily mean child sexual abuse. Many signs, however, can signal its presence. It often takes an attorney to investigate Boy Scout child sexual abuse. They can take an aggressive stand against perpetrators.

Suspect Child Sexual Abuse from the Boy Scouts? Here’s What to Do

If you notice any signs of sexual abuse, talk to your child. Express that you will help your child, not get angry, and listen to his or her story. Contact the police immediately if you believe someone has abused your child. Police will take the proper steps toward getting the alleged perpetrator in custody and notifying the right authorities. Once you’re in a position to consider bringing a negligence claim against the Boy Scouts or another party, contact Estey & Bomberger at (800) 925-0723.

Our lawyers will investigate your claim, file the correct paperwork in California, and pursue full justice for your child and family. We know that no amount of money can compensate your child for the physical and/or mental damage he or she suffered, but it can help secure your child’s future. It can shed light on the terrible travesty of child sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts and stop it from happening to someone else. Give us a call today to speak with one of our caring, aggressive child molestation attorneys.

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